SMEC-2/3/6 Manual

1.Introduction #

  • DO NOT LOSE THIS MANUAL, it contains important operating and maintenance instructions.
  • Read, understand and apply these instructions for safe installation and operation.

Dear customer,
INCOTECH thanks you for your preference in this product, which is a result of systematic study and integration of longstanding experience in mechanical composters. This product is designed to produce organic compost with the maximum safety, reliability and performance.
For your own safety but also for the correct use of the product, please read the user manual carefully before installation and operation. Pay special attention to all the advice and warnings.
This manual should be retained for future use. We suggest you keep it with other important documents and product manuals.
The information contained in this manual applies to all models, unless specifically mentioned, and is addressed to the purchaser – user of the unit and to anyone else involved in the installation and maintenance of the unit.
Any modification or tampering with the unit other than those specified in this manual is prohibited.
The installer must adhere to the installation instructions provided in this manual, perform the initial operation, and deliver the unit as long as the end user fully understands its function.

  • The installation should be performed by well-trained and experienced staff.
  • If the information in these instructions is not fully implemented, mechanical malfunction may be caused resulting to losses in life and property.
  • INCOTECH accepts no responsibility in case of injury or damage that may be caused by non-implementation of the instructions of installation, operation, maintenance and security provided in this manual.

2.Technical description and use #

Figure 1 shows Solar Composting Unit SMEC-2/3/6. Biowaste is introduced into the composting unit via the inlet (1) on the greenhouse cover (2). Biowaste is directed fed into the composting tank (3) where the composting of the biowaste takes place (thermophilic phase). The turning and movement of the material within the fermentation tank takes place using a horizontal intermittent screw (4). Parallel to the composting tank there is a screw conveyor lift (5) through which the material circulates from the front to the back of the composting tank. A diversion gate (6) regulates whether the material will return to the composting tank or pass into the inspection chamber (7) where maturation can be carried out. The maturation area consists of a fast composting system (8) on top of a conveyor platform (9). Composting odors are treated using a deodorizing ventilation system (10) which carries air through a biofilter with compost filler. The deodorizer absorbs the odors of the composter before they are released to the atmosphere through a chimney (11). The mechanical operations of the unit are controlled by a control panel (12) in the inspection chamber (7). For the safety of personnel, an emergency button is available on the control panel. Pressing the emergency stop button stops all the functions of the composter.


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