innovative solutions for food waste composting

Solar Mechanical Composter

Incotech units process bio-waste in an absolutely organic and natural way, without external energy consumption, besides for stirring and loading/unloading of organic material. They are also designed to provide:


  • High degree of adaptability of capacity and geometry
  • Combination options among units or with other management systems, such as central or open composting plants


  • Minimum supervision and user intervention only for loading and unloading
  • Immediate application in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, student campuses, military facilities, small and isolated settlements


  • Use the state of the art materials for a long service life with minimal maintenance
  • 5 years warranty for good operation

easily, sustainably, scalably

Save energy and raw material, protect the environment

Our technology

“Composting is the biological decomposition and stabilization of organic substrates, under conditions that allow development of thermophilic temperatures as a result of biological produced heat, to produce a final product that is stable, free of pathogens and plant seeds, and can be beneficially applied to soil”, Roger T. Haug, 1993

Incotech units are specially designed to take advantage of solar radiation for effective moisture removal at up to 90%. This way the requirements for bulking materials is minimal. Depending on the operating conditions, three to four weeks of residence are sufficient to decompose the residues by 40 to 50%, at which time the product can be transferred to external maturing structures to complete composting.

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